The Memorial Market

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The Story of the Memorial Market

The Memorial Market is dedicated to my grandmother, Judith Strand. Judith was the sweetest soul and my biggest fan. Love you grams. The idea for the Memorial Market came about while Grams was home during hospice. I left college for a bit to be by her side, play her guitar, and soak in the last time we would spend together (on this earth at least). While nor her or I was every much scared of death we talked openly about reincarnation and things of the sort. I asked Grams what she thought we should do with her remains after her passing and we were both unsure. While she slept at night I did research and began creating a spreadsheet of the various options. It was in this moment that I realized it would be so useful to have all of these memorial options organized in one easy to use place. It brings me joy knowing that this little exchange between grams and I sparked the creation of a tool that many people across the glob can use to help create more meaningful memorials for themselves and loved ones who've passed. I love you Grams. Josh (Baby Beans) Walker

The team

Josh Walker, Founder

Josh Walker